Labeled 'The Happiest City' in America by both Forbes and Prevention magazine, San Jose was also listed as one of the 'Top 10 Happiest Cities in the World' by National Geographic. Our always uplifting weather, scenic outdoors, beautiful gardens, mind-blowing attractions and creative and innovative mindset make San Jose a happy place for all.

San Jose is home to many interactive, artistic and high tech attractions. From technology museums and unique art galleries to amazing outdoor gardens and more, you'll find lots to be happy about in San Jose.


San Jose is a city that loves to be healthy in the most fun and savory ways possible, and it's an honor to be recognized by both Prevention and Self Magazine as 'The Healthiest City in America'.

Our love of organic foods, award-winning restaurants, farmers markets and incredible collection of parks invite everyone to enjoy life and get out and play. With so many amazing culinary experiences and outdoor activities, San Jose will have you burning calories the fun way and refueling the delicious way.


San Jose sits in the heart of Silicon Valley, so it's no surprise that The Today Show named San Jose 'The Smartest City in America'. Innovation, creativity and excitement flows through every street, building and foothill of the city.

Theatrical and musical genius moves audiences on stage, year round at Ballet San Jose, Broadway San Jose, Opera San Jose, Symphony Silicon Valley and San Jose Jazz. Let San Jose's innovative and creative minds draw you in with tech museums, art museums and galleries, soulful music and fantastic performances.